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This game will be played Live on Facebook at 8:00PM on Sunday, OCTOBER 22




PLEASE LEAVE YOUR ADDRESS ON THE CHECKOUT PAGE SO IF YOU WIN WE CAN SHIP IT TO YOU. FOR MY LOCALS: If you would like to doa local pickup just note that instead of your address! If you win shipping is covered by me (USA ONLY)


- There will be 10 spots in each game, 1 winner per game. Buy a spot for $5.00 for a chance to win a fantastic tumbler. You can buy as many spots as you want to increase your chances of winning.


- We will spin a wheel with the 10 names of the people in the game, eliminating one by one. The last person standing is the winner.


- We will have 30 random tumblers displayed that will have a corresponding number. We will then pull a random number out of a basket. The winner will have 2 chances to pass on a number, however the 3rd option will be what you win. Will you Pluck it or Chuck it?

**You will NOT get the chance to go back and pick one you previously passed on so plan wisely**


- You do not have to be present for the live in order to pass on a tumbler; if the winner is not in the live drawing, the 1st number chosen will be your prize.


- Rounds do have to be completely full in order for us to start that round. If they are not full, we will do another live raffle the following week!


- Shipping is included for winning tumbler, if you purchase anything additional, then shipping is added for the extra postage.

Chicken Egg Tumbler Swap - Game #2 Sunday, OCTOBER 22

Excluding Sales Tax